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Aug. 31st, 2012


Jeb Bush on Anti-Immigration in Republican Party

Source: http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20120830/news/708309911/

Relevant facts: Jeb Bush (son of George H.W. Bush; brother of George W. Bush) is married to a Latina and speaks fluent Spanish.

 Though the article discusses Romney's stance on immigration there are no quotes* from Bush directly regarding this. 

  His opinion regarding the party's views: "his party’s anti-immigration policies are costing Republicans elections and contributing to lower fertility rates and gloom in the U.S." 

 Choice Quotes:
  •    “Having a solution to the fact that we have all of these young people, many of whom are making great contributions, don’t have a connection to their parents’ former country, yeah, of course I’m for it,” Bush said.
  •  Still, Bush criticized Obama for making his deportation announcement in June, a week before Romney spoke to the annual meeting of National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.“Let’s do this executive order the day before he speaks, and then I’m going to speak the next day, and everybody will applaud me,” Bush said of Obama."
  • Bush said both parties have a “Groundhog’s Day approach” to immigration policy that favors politics instead of policies.
  • Bush said he was in favor of better control over the nation’s borders. “But then get to a different conversation about American greatness that can be sustained over the long haul, if we allow people to come in, embrace our values, fortify them, and bring vitality and energy and an aspirational notion about what it is to be an American,” he said.


* Jeb Bush comments on how Romney can improve his standing with hispanics however does not address Romney's particular beliefs re: immigration.


Jan Brewer shows her butt again

source: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/08/17/governor-jan-brewer-battles-obama-s-dream-directive-in-arizona.html

"Governor Jan set off a heated national legal debate and scored points with her conservative fans by issuing an “executive order” denying Arizona’s 80,000 Dreamers drivers’ licenses and state identification cards, along with a handful of state benefits. That evening, Brewer said her order clarified that there would be no state-funded benefits and “no driver licenses for illegal people.”

   Except the whole point of what Obama did was to (temporarily) legalize the status of these young undocumented students. 

"Immigration lawyers counter that the president’s directive will indeed make Dreamers legally present in the country—which entitles them to Arizona drivers’ licenses.

The legal debate over the drivers’ licenses centers on the arcane immigration-law concept of being lawfully present vs. having lawful status.

Arizona law requires drivers’ licenses be issued to those lawfully present under federal immigration law. Thanks to the Obama directive, Dreamers soon will be lawfully present. The state’s driver-license law doesn’t require lawful status, which Dreamers will not get under the Obama directive."

 So then the reality is that this executive order was never about the dreamers but an attack on immigrants. Again. 

Feb. 10th, 2011


So like there's this funny new game for the iPad/Pod...

  it's hilarious! You drive along a desert in a truck and have to keep your immigrants in your truck despite bumps and other stuff. Great material!
  It's just like real life. You just hop on a roller-coaster type truck, strap in, and welcome to America!!

  What could go wrong with this?

  Play "Smuggle Truck" and you too can face the same challenges as immigrants crossing the border.

  I suggest their next revolutionary ultra-hip game be called "Smuggle Truck II: Sex Ring Edition."

  This is some respectful, cutting edge stuff, man. 


Chipotle Mexican Grill: undocumented workers

  source: Reuters

"the Wall Street darling also said in its 2009 annual report that the discovery of a large number of unauthorized workers could disrupt operations and harm financial performance."
among other things, Chipotle's comments include: "Although we require all workers to provide us with government-specified documentation evidencing their employment eligibility, some of our employees may, without our knowledge, be unauthorized workers."
"Proper worker documentation is a challenge for all employers, and we, like many of our peers, have acknowledged that challenge to our investors,"

  So, a few thousand undocumented workers have lost their jobs, but the main issue is how it affects this poor successful company.  Who cares about those immigrants, it's not like they were working where they could actually make minimum wage. They aren't real people, those foreigners. They were taking away good American jobs that American citizens would hate love to have. 


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